The Lie Of Permanence

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I ventured into the dead of night,

Gazing towards the fathomless sky.

There the stars are shining so bright

And the moon is smiling like a child.

Distant is the roar of seawaves,

Gusting wind is passing by.

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As the beautiful night engulfs

A certain voice breaks the reverie.

“Listen to me, O dear miss

Never mistake the gust for a breeze.”

Startled, yet I pay attention

To whomsoever it is that speaks.

“If permanence is what you seek,

A fool of you this world is to make.”

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The sun rises eclipsing the moon.

Stars are imperceptible in the daylight broad.

What seems distant comes brazenly near.

Passing by gusts are danger dear.

With ages gone the Gods evolved,

Even the time is interim here.

When what one needs is transient,

Then why do you need permanence, dear?

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You are One and one is Life,

Why not live the stopgap right ?

Do away with your disillusionment,

The only permanence is the time Present.


Trying to find who am I?

I am You and You are I.

I am the voice within,

Always here to show what needs to be seen.


Phenomena of Love Trickling Down

Anthropomorphism, Love and nature

There is a nest perched high on a tree,

Where a motherly crow is feeding her hatchlings.

There is the cuckoo looking by,

Waiting for a chance to fly off with her child.

Crow and cuckoo, caws and coos

Relentlessly saving little ones from doom.

Soon the little ones flap and fly,

Away they fly and never look by.

Eternally this exercise continues,

Never knowing the struggle their mothers went through.



En masse came the Olive Ridleys,

Faring from the far off seas.

Under the protection of hideout sands,

Ongoes the Arribada slowly.

Little Ridleys in masses hatch,

And make their way into the sea.

Thus the way of Ridleys continue,

Unknowningly knowing who hid them too.

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Against the odds of predators nearby,

A giraffe gives birth to it’s child.

In pain also silence prevails,

And the calf lands on the ground.

As it gets kickedĀ  by the mother,

Sooner it runs for the better.

Barely realising the effort parents make,

To safeguard and train their offsprings best.

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Brooks are flowing hither and yon,

Rippling down the rugged terrain.

Carving it’s way across the gargantuan rocks,

Slowly embeds the minerals within.

Together the brooks form a mighty river,

As it flows on and beyond.

Depositing the silt on its way,

Never remembering the pain it gets.

Neither the brook nor the river,

Ever struggle for what enriches others.

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From the caves of Altamira to lyrics of Khusrau,

All stand evidence to the flow of life.

There is an old saying my friends,

Downward flows every creatures’ love.

What is the absolute law of life?

Love trickles downhill is the ultimate way of life.




Glimpse of Belief

Belief and Spirituality

I was crying about my life, the lack of opportunities in it. How morose and uneventful it is with a train of complaints to God.
And suddenly FATE happened as an EVENT.
Late in night while traveling back home, car rolled over, three tyres busted. Life changed in a minute. A fractured femur, a lump of flesh missing from my hand. Every inch of my body was covered with wounds and blood ran out like stream.

I kept on crying and asked God “Why me?”. My pain was inconsolable. I felt depressed and said many hurtful things. With a rod inserted along with screws, grafting on left hand plus two weeks in hospital, I finally returned home.


Nothing stopped. Hands of the clock moved on. Four months after, here I am. I CAN walk but I limp. All the stitches and wounds are healed. But the MARKS remain.
I cursed God but HE saved me and my family. I called him words but HE gave me the strength to deal with myself. I thought HE is playing with me or is HE really this good. This game of bitter faith turned to belief.

Everyday I am thankful to HIM. I won’t change a single thing that happened with me for some worst ordeals yeild the best results. My fate helped me learn, grow and accept people and situations as they are or try to improve them.

I have a lovely family and now I cherish them even more. I try to help people out if I can. And help was given to me when I needed it the most. I understood that Expectations are Illusions. We expect.
According to what I have seen would say, “Expect the Worst and prepare that the Best is yet to Come“.

Financial loss, mental agony and Physical pain surrounded us. But my God is merciful. He would enter secretly and whisper into my heart’s ears,” It Is All In Your Head. Do not Listen to It.” So I started listening to him and enhanced my Will Power and Patience. When somebody points out my imperfect walking , He would say,” Pay heed but don’t mind.You are going to be alright. Time Is Powerful and it is Testing You“. With countless scars on my body and living in a society where beauty is talked of, I felt handicapped. But HE who gives wound also Nurses and Heals it. He tapped and said,”Listen friend,You forget that Scars are a mark of Bravery. The hardest battles always fought by the toughest soldiers“. And listening this I smiled forgetting the woes.

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My Belief Solidified, My Doubts about myself liquidised.Control on my mind Intensified ,My knowledge on various fronts expanded.I have gained more than I lost. How could I complain when HE instilled in me confidence to conquer the world and move mountains!!

One fine day I asked him,” Why did you save my life?” He gave an endearing look and said,” For a Purpose. For a Service.Your duty hasn’t yet begun. Your service to this world remains. Your life is not Only Yours. It is a DEBT You have to repay by Serving your Purpose. Your watch is yet to begin.” And my duty is to complete my watch successfully.

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Life is worth everything.If there is life then only one can savor the taste of all the dishes. There is a famous Odia proverb that HE is whispering in my heart to pen down and it translates to,

” Human life is not measured by years, months, days or hours one lives,
It is Karma and Karma alone is the yardstick of human life.”


Love, Maktub, Mood, Tone

I was shuddering yet walking around those deserted lanes of Sanjauli. The night was hued black ,the chilly air engulfing me turning to dews on my jacket.106f2-alone-sad-boy-walking

My eyes were cloudy and so was the sky. Emersed in thoughts of nothingness,infiniteness as I strolled through the winding road.Seemed as if the night begged for the Moon to shine and that was the moment when my eyes fell on her.Her contour pointed that she was busy with her thoughts,handling few papers from being blown away by the gusting, wicked wind.I stood astound and spellbound as if I was unable to move. I was looking straight at her,wanting to make contact with her eyes.She hadn’t noticed my presence yet. She was approaching towards me walking in a hurry.The wind blew louder and few papers fell from her hand ,landing straight at my feet.I bent down,folded them and picked them up.I was still rooted to the same place.She darted towards me.And finally looked into my eyes.Her eyes were black yet enlightened. Those large eyes seemed like piercing me ,as if it was not time but those eyes that have frozen me to that spot,as if she was reading me.

I felt her going through a gamut of emotions and confusion ,and yet I wanted to just look into her eyes.I wanted to delve into her eyes into her and through her eyes picturize myself.
Neither she spoke a word nor I. There seemed to be a connection and a desire to built it again.I dont know what came over me that I whispered ” ItĀ is written it will last long ” and then clarifying that I meant the weather.She smiled a heart melting smile as I handed back the papers to her.Saying the pleasantries for the night and for helping her out ,she whizzed past me.

I turned around just in time to see her silhouette disappearing,when my eyes fell on a piece of folded paper.It must have fallen while gathering all those papers.I opened the fold and there was just a word written “Beforescribed“.
I thought to myself how come the first three words I whispered to her mean the same as what she has written in that page.
I had just passed by the sun and felt its warmth engulfing me,giving me more clarity.The feeling intimated as if what I felt was what she dealt. It appeared to me that we both are going to cross each other’s path soon else how will the warmth reside in me.I have to wait till night for the sun’s warmth for I was her moon.The sun would shine and at nights this cold it will make me shine.
I felt everything.From nothingness to existence and significance is a change .I think ,its not just coincidence.Its a sign.And when the permanency is Change then so be she the change of my life.Life as I know, I thought, has changed from her contour to her eyes to her silhouette.


As I walked towards my house it seemed she knows what I think and I am just thinking what she thought.For the first time I have known I need her,I desired her and my existence has a meaning.We two separate individual will definitely meet again and again for our souls are inseparable and know each other ,from ages trying to find one another to amalgamate.” How can a stranger so distant ,so unknown be so known and become an inseparable part of me?” I thought with incredulity. I was as much fascinated as perplexed by the myriad of emotions. I revered the uncertainty of that certain one minute say two minutes of trance that is making me look forward,be better and making me whole again.I wasn’t worried about when to meet her or how to find her because I knew I would.It was the long wait to meet her again that seemed arduous because my desire is to meet her at once.
I took out the keys and fumbled with the lock as I entered my house, heading straight for my room.The room was lighted with full moon light .I lied down on the bed and gazed at the moon as I slept.

A Best friend’s Tale


Up inside a baronial room,
Detached from the worldly affairs,
I sit atop a dusty grandpa chair.

Kept in this unkempt room,
The gushing winds and the windswept rains,
Seasons have passed again and again.

My state of affairs is dilapidated,
Yet my inner soul is ignited,
To confer to others the wisdom within.

Today I am a forlorn friend,
An abjected object -who will rise again and again,
Who befriends me have much to gain.

For I am a faithful friend with willingness to unhide
And I do have to tell a tale
Of lessons I hold, even with a look so frail.

I am there and will be there in the expanse of  the limitless time.
I take pride in the patience I hold
To provide percipience to all beloved.

Feel comfortable to desert the distance in between
For I love when you pass through me.
Pause within and revisit, now that you know me.

My lustre of surface is gone but I am ablaze inside,
I am not boastful of my assistance to you
For I have pledged to help and serve you.

For I am a Godfather,a long-staying friend
Generation after you I will remain loyal to
And still with this worn-out look, I will be revered to.

My dear you all will come and go,
Time and race will always  remember.
My teachings will always be there,even if I vanish from this chair.

O dear traveller you know me and not.
Come to me and appease your thirst.
I will quench it and will carry on my quest.

I have made myself forbearing for you.
If you know not who it is that boasts to you,

I am “it” that since childhood have been tore ,dressed and redressed every year,in every situation- to be a “best friend”to you.